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Making a difference by bringing people together, reaching out and feeding those in need.

What is empty bowls?

Empty Bowls is an international grassroots effort to fight hunger. The basic concept is simple: potters, art educators, and others work hand in hand with a food pantry to educate and remember those who aren’t having their basic need of food met.

When will the fundraiser be?

The week of December 11th through December 13th, Chapman University , Growl Juice Pub and You Are Special Food Pantry will be hosting Empty Bowls from 11:00am – 2:00pm in the Attallah Piazza on Thursday, and Friday and Saturday , December 12th and 13th at Growl Juice Pub in the Old Town Orange Circle.

This collaboration has brought the students of Chapman University, Growl Juice Pub and the volunteers of YAS, a local food pantry, together to help our neighbors in need. We will be working together to raise awareness in our local community by raising funds to feed those in need.

What is our purpose?

Together we have a common purpose to learn about the hardship of food insecurity, the hunger and poverty that exists within our own affluent region, and ultimately to give back to the community.

These art students from Chapman University are donating time and their handmade bowls to raise money and awareness for those in their community who are hungry and hurting. We will have a smothie in a bowl from Growl Juice in the bowl for a donation of each bowl for approx $20  which will cover the costs of the bowls and the rest will be donated to the You Are Special Food Pantry in order to help feed those in need right in our own local area.

The You Are Special Food Pantry,  Chapman University, Growl Juice Pub and Empty Bowls collaboration is working together to make a dent in our community with regards to hunger and to know that we each individually and collectively can make a difference.

If you want to learn how you can participate please email us or call 1-714-863-6058.