“Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering…”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Everyday for me is busy. Right now is the time I lay down on the floor and cry because I hate the book keeping/end of year stuff and budgeting because I don’t always understand it.  (Keeping it real) I try to take some days off but the Lord has reminded me that rest is in heaven so while I can, I will work. However, rest comes in seasons. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for many of us but for others, such as these men and women mentioned in this article I just posted, their lives are not so easy. Whether they made mistakes, or “sinned,” the effects on the family is painful. They are never more loved than at this time in their greatest sins by Jesus and the children in need are so important that Jesus said, “let the little children come to me.” Interesting as believers we get weary of noisy children in our churches. That is another story for another time.

Thanksgiving was huge for YAS. Since we are a local food pantry giving primarily to the working poor, we were able to feed approximately 787 families a full uncooked Thanksgiving Dinner with a turkey and trimmings. Prayer comes first, work comes second. We can only do this because of our local church, Covenant Life, our community because many came and served and donated food at the local grocery stores as well as organizations and foundations donated finance to help fund the program. I was weary of the work and preparing to walk out a time of sadness since earlier in the year my husband passed away from the cancer he was battling for two years when more than a handful of letters came in requesting help from YAS and even the church to help some of the men who are incarcerated at Theo Lacy in Orange.

The letters said, please help our families, one after another. The stories were heartbreaking, sad that the men were in this position, knowing my own sinfulness and then the consequences the families had to endure. So I prayed about it. We don’t do toys anymore. That is crazy and all the more blessed that other organizations help with toys but for us, our mission is different. We don’t necessarily help incarcerated men and women but this actually fell into a spot that we can handle. I love working with those who society struggles with. So do my friends and co-laborers.

A month before Thanksgiving I received a call from a few people, Alana Cole from Quick Bridge Funding and Roberta Hanson, from Pet Insurance.

Both of these women asked how they could participate in serving their community. In my quick witted big mouth I said I had just the thing, letters from men in jail. They both loved the idea and jumped to do the worked needed. Not only did they just buy a few things but they asked with the children needed and also purchased Christmas dinner for each of them. We were able to help 7 families and one prisoner in a far away prison who asked for stamps and stationary so he could work to turn his life around.

It takes a little effort on the part of each of us to help those in need. Judgement from myself included needs to stop and a cup of cold water given to a thirsty soul….it always makes you feel better.

Thank you Quick Bridge Funding, Alanna Cole and Roberta Hanson and all the others who gave to YAS over this past holiday time.


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